Founded in April of 2007, Conviction is a tightknit gaming community based upon a framework of strong teamwork and ironclad trust.

We currently reside on FFXIV:ARR Hyperion (NA - LEGACY) server.
We are recruiting for Wildstar - Exile
Grats Shinki on the High Allagan Mask Of Casting, Kiara on High Allagan Coat Of Healing, MauMau on Oil of Time, and Therin on Unidentified Allagan Tomestone! ^o^

Grats Nasti on the High Allagan Belt of Fending, VieVie on the High Allagan Breeches of Aiming, and Magos on Sands of Time and Laevateinn! ^o^

We also have four members in our 5th team cleared SCoB Turn 1 tonight as well!
Grats to Velhart, Falcus, Rev, and Krunch! ^^

Grats Sinestro on the High Allagan Circlet of Fending and MauMau on the High Allagan Boots of Aiming! ^o^

Grats VieVie on High Allagan Gloves of Aiming, Nasti on High Allagan Earrings of Fending, TK on Unidentified Tomestone, and Haeze on Oil of Time! ^_^

Grats TouTou on Glanzfaust and Zett on Book Of Spades, iLv110 weapons! ^o^
Forgot to mention that Gyopi got his Noct Hoplon, iLv110 shield, in the first week of the patch.

Wapiko It is the Final Fantasy chocobo armor.
Butterburger Is that Big-bird from Sesame Street?
ZettaiRyouiki One-shot Turns 6-8 tonight ...
Grats TouTou on the Sands of Time and the High Allagan Gauntlets of Striking, and Snow on the High Allagan Circlet of Healing! ^o^

Today: 112 Unique Hits: 296,497
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