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We are recruiting for Wildstar - Exile
We are pumped that after about a month and a bit we are fully attuned for 20 mans and ready to go.  Its been quite the journey to get to this point but we feel we took the time needed not only to get to the point of being able to raid but with the right mix of people to move forward.  Of course we still have some that are finishing off attunement and we would like to be pushing two groups of 20 to get into the 40 player content asap.  

Stay tuned for our progress!

Conviction 4 lyfe
Zapdos I do look sexy in my new kicks
Indecent a I need a pic so I can post is that exile first???
Nadili Grats to Zap on the first piece of Wildstar raid lootz!!

First Legendary

Edges, Zapdos and Penorzilla were out farming level 50 rares in Malgrave and stumbled upon our first Legendary!


Critical Containment (Public Event)

We obliterated the Eldan boss and stabilized the reactor core.

Dungeons and Adventures

Stormtalon's Lair Defeated

We are 3/3 in Veteran Stormtalon's Lair.



Realm First War of the Wilds!

We got Realm First Gold Medal: War of the Wilds


Realm First The Malgrave Trail

After many bugs and disbands.


Crimelords of Whitevale on Gold

On to the next!


The Siege of Tempest Refuge Realm First

Completed on Gold!



Realm First Survivalist!

Penorzilla got Realm First Survivalist!

Great work man, now go get some sleep.

quizwhiz honour*
Indecent a It was done in your honor quiz
quizwhiz Good job!
Some of you may be stuck at work and not able to play, luckily we have quite a large amount of people that will be streaming their progress so you can feel almost like you are part of the action.

bo67624 Watching Drunken Stream is liking watching a bunch of retards try to hump a doorkonb.
Instagator I'll probably do some streaming too. ...

[W*] We choose you Orias!

Indecent a posted May 28, 14
We have decided to reside on Orias for the upcoming launch and this guy approves!

Mr Orias in the flesh

Get ready to roll, get ready to troll we will put the Ass in Orias

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