Founded in April of 2007, Conviction is a tightknit gaming community based upon a framework of strong teamwork and ironclad trust.

We are recruiting for Wildstar - Exile
At first this was a side boob type of thought, but now with close to 30 people in the guild we are taking a more serious look at what we can do in game.  

So far some of the shenanigans have been fun, either killing mounts or almost getting raped by pirates, this game is showing a lot of promise.

Its really brought me back to the old school feel of gaming where I could log in with some buddies whenever and find something fun to do.  Its a combination of EQ, UO, SWG, AO all in one great game.  

If you are on the fence about playing you really should, its a blast and a half...even more so playing with Conviction.  

At then end of our third night of attempts, bisected by a lot of Phage maw that I think we can all officially agree never happened, Conviction brought down the Phagetech Prototypes.

In related news, Spicy has passed on his title to me and henceforth I shall be know as Glaucs, King of Bores. Spicy insisted that I should check the red Xs for buried treasure, but after checking 241 of them, I think he may have lied. He has such an honest tone of voice in TS that I just couldn't help but trust him. Perhaps he was a lawyer or used car salesman in a past life; it would explain some things.

 Congrats on Lewtz to Tocsin, Calheals and Firehawk! Onwards to Phageborn Convergence.

Link to the kill video here.

The last bit of news for the week is a tip of the hat to Rystet. He and Nadili will be sharing GM duties going forward. Congrads (and/or condolences) Rystet!

Back slaps and butt pats all around. After Zapdos offered the group up as a sacrifice to RNGesus, we managed to get the kill on the third attempt of the evening.

Special shoutouts to Paradigm and Parousia for excellent work on managing the phase 3 bomb timers.

Lewtz for Theril, Dei and myself. Onwards to Phagetech Prototypes!
Zapdos I think we should make a weekly sacrifice to RNGesus

After a many hours of hard work, bugs, fail interrupts, vileness RNG and Spicy urgencying into lasers we managed to take down Kuralak the Defiler at the end on the night Wednesday, 7/30. Good work team! On to Phage Maw.

Congrats to Edge, Spicy, and Sinnder on dem lewtz.

Kill video complements of Edge available here.

Drop 2 is officially here. There were a lot of good changes and several controversial ones as well. Patch notes available here.

The main addition is a new PvP battleground, Sabotage, which pits 15 v 15 in a domination style map where you try and kill the enemy teams base generator. With bombs. Lots and lots of bombs. Which also hit your teammates. Thank you Carbine for letting me troll the <insert type of player you hate here> on my team.

There were a few noteworthy general changes. Threat on absorbs has been reduced by 50%. Healing debuffs now effect absorbs but absorb spells have been buffed by 25%. Breakout abilities and movement abilities are now castable while sprinting. Additionally, Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden has had some significant changes made to its optionals and trash packs.

On to the stuff people actually care about, Buffs & Nerfs. The changes for DPS Espers have arrived. Telekinetic strike is now mobile but had its coefficients reduced a bit. PP generation on both assault builders' T8 has been doubled. Concentrated Blades delay has been reduced. T4 Haunt now gives an empower. T4 Mind Blast has been "fixed" (not that this matters for our Espers though #debuffbitches4lyfe). Lets not forget about the healers; Warden is fixed.

Stalkers and Spellslingers have a mixed bag of buffs and nerfs. Impale now hits 2 targets and several telegraphs got an extra .5 meters range but nano-field and steadfast T8 got nerfed. RIP tank stalker pvp. Slingers spell surge can now be cast while casting but a bunch of their telegraph sizes got reduced. Stalkers also get the nod for my favorite patch note:

  • The telegraph now displays as dangerous while casting.

I don't think dangerous is the word that anyone outside Carbine would connect to shred but we hereby, officially, stand
corrected. Shred is dangerous, other classes beware!

Engineers are pretty much unchanged. Warriors' rampage has been nerfed both in number of targets hit and in damage, although the T8 did get buffed to compensate a bit.

And finally Medics. The good news is that the current Gamma Rays single target nerf is not here to stay. The bad news is that it's here until it gets hot-fixed. Once the proposed hot-fix goes through I think that Medic single target DPS will have been buffed, more actuator gains with less need for strikethrough. Atomize and dual shock both being castable during other casts should be good for the dps even though Atomize damage has been reduced to compensate for 100% chance to gain an actuator. Other significant changes: mending probes and devastator probes T4 and T8 have both been nerfed, shield reboot amp proc threshold has been increased to 30% but the amount of the shield restore has been reduced, and the IA gain for protection probes only lasts 3s down from 10s.
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