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Team 2, 3, and 4 Progress Our "Team Bahamut 2" has cleared BCoB Turn 4 on last Sunday, Team 3 "Baha Blast" cleared Turn 2 tonight, and Team 4 "The BenchWarmers" cleared Turn 1 last night! Four teams are rolling in BCoB!
Team 2 Cleared Turn 2+3, Team 3 Cleared Turn 1, Team 1 Turn 5 In Progress! Our "Team Bahamut 2" has cleared BCoB Turn 2 and 3 tonight, plus our third BCoB team "Baha Blast" has cleared Turn 1 tonight. Our "Team Bahamut 1" made some progress in Turn 5, we saw some snakies, some chickens, etc. Great job everyone! ^^b
Team 2 Cleared BCoB Turn 1! Our "Team Bahamut 2" started doing BCoB this week and they cleared Turn 1 tonight! Great job everyone! Big grats to Ruethryl on getting both Allagan Ring Of Striking and Allagan Tassets Of Maiming! ヽ(^▽^)ノ
BCoB Turn 4 Cleared! Tonight we cleared Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 and found Allagan Visor Of Maiming and Allagan Ring Of Maiming in the chests. Congratulations to Alizia and Tousou! \(^o^)/
New Batch of Relics! The first batch of 2.0 relic weapons is here! Congratulations to Alizia, Colin, Crakkhead, Haeze, Magos, Miki, Mishi, Nasti, Tonberry, and Tousou. Good job everyone! ^^b
BCoB Turn 2 + 3 Completed! Tonight we've completed both Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 2 and 3. We found Allagan Tunic of Casting and Heavy Allagan Cuisses in the chests. Congratulations to Pyree and Arla! (=´∇`=) Turn 4 here we go!
BCoB Turn 1 Cleared! Tonight we cleared Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 1. We found Heavy Allagan Armor and Allagan Earrings of Maiming in the chests. Congratulations to Gyopi and Zettai! ヽ(^▽^)ノ
BCoB Turn 1: ADS Just a small update on our BCoB progress, we got ADS down, saw a cutscene that made us "oh!", and explored more of the area.


Recruitment has been closed now that we will be fielding our third and final BCoB team, with a feeder team already in place.

Extraordinary applicants are always welcome to apply. However, because we do not have any pressing needs at the moment, please note that standards are extremely high.
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Event Schedule

Sunday 8:30PM-1:00AM EST
Monday 8:30PM-1:00AM EST
Tuesday 8:30PM-1:00AM EST
Wednesday 8:30PM-1:00AM EST
Thursday 8:30PM-1:00AM EST
Friday 8:30PM EST - ???
Saturday 8:30PM EST - ???


BCoB Turn 4 09/15/13
BCoB Turn 3 09/07/13
BCoB Turn 2 09/07/13
BCoB Turn 1: Caduceus 09/07/13
BCoB Turn 1: ADS 09/05/13
Titan (Hard) 09/02/13
Garuda (Hard) 08/29/13
Ifrit (Hard) 08/26/13
[1.0] Rivenroad (Hard) 10/02/12
[1.0] Ifrit (Extreme) 09/03/12