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Tag team, back again.

By quizwhiz a - Posted May 11, 17


Raid Times / Days (tentative) - Wednesday & Sunday 7:00pm - 10:00pm CST. 

It's time again, to start a game for no better reason than to quit said game. Just kidding... or am I? Time will tell (unless you look at history, then history can go fuck itself). Copy/pasted from the last TLP post, because likely most of the recruiting will happen in game and on DISCORD! If you have any questions about this server or want to get involved, PM me and I'll hop in disc. 

A no-bot server (true box allowed), with instanced raids - allowing filthy casuals to appear hardcore. WE LIKEY! A few set raid nights a week, no more poop socking, progress at the rate of your other employed guild-mates... What more can you ask for? 

WE ARE ACTIVELY RECRUITING! Prior to launch, and AT LAUNCH! :) Look for Quiz in game, or simply start by clicking on "Recruitment" up above. I'm still looking for those that want to help lead this community back into the game. You have a unique opportunity to become a part of something special, just let me know if you're interested in partaking in this endeavor. 

Currently seeking *ALL* classes. Apply NOW!

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