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Hello Convictionites,

It's been awhile since we've played together, though some of us have been touching base (and each other) from time to time on rand-o games like League, HoTS, D3, etc. I do miss playing games with everyone, and more-so miss adding people to our wonderful team. So, another proposition from me that was likely already proposed but this time I'd like to see some RESULTS JIGGAS. We all love playing games with each other, and most of us would argue "it doesn't matter what game we're playing, as long as we're playing it TOGETHER.". Hell, I played some game where you hit a ball against a wall and try to hit each other, and enjoyed the hell out of it because I was playing with someone I love (ajax).

Soooo, without any more pointless banter, here it is: EVERQUEST. Yes, I'm aware. I asked people to play this before, and almost everyone turned me down. Some gave it a spin but simply couldn't get past the graphics (which I'll admit, is the first difficult step in acclimating to this game). What I'm proposing is that we play on the COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY server called Project 1999 (, check it out). Yes, the graphics are bad. Yes, the gameplay can be somewhat slow. But there is so much more in this game that is rewarding, you just have to get past the initial humps. Here's a few things that I think are amazing -

1. Enforced Team-Play: Most classes in this game cannot solo ANYTHING for EXP. You are forced to team up to tackle the exp grind. Sure, this can cause some hiccups for people that like to run solo, but those players can play solo-classes. The dungeon farming in this game is ridic fun. You work together, you have downtime that allows you to bullshit, and it really creates a positive team-building exercise!

2. Player-based Economy: This game is where it's at for the buy/seller. You can literally start with an item you get from a level 1 mob and turn it into a cloak you'd get from a dragon, if you have the patience. Buy/selling in this game is what some people do FULL-TIME here. You go to dungeons, gather your items, and take it to a tunnel to sell your wares. If you start to collect some cash, start buying items low and selling them high for the people that are constantly equipping new characters. You really have to experience the trading system in this game, but it really takes an involved person to sell in this marketplace.

3. Raiding and Fun: This could honestly be added to Team-Play, but I'm not going to put it there. All of the raids in this game do not have a maximum amount of players, so guilds will take 100+ people and kill a dragon. You can do these raids with a smaller group though, if you're coordinated and skilled players. One of my favorite things back in the day was to take really small, elite groups, into the same thing guilds took entire raids into. FUN SHIT. And, going in with a smaller group, you know the rewards will be plentiful! In Everquest RISK VS REWARD is prevalent; if you work together, the gains are awesome!

I could list more but I'm at work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you'd like to play, I'll update this list accordingly. In this game, we can help each other level so it doesn't matter to much if someone gets ahead or someone falls behind, we can work as a guild to be successful. This is a great game, and if you can get past the small things, we can have so much fuckin fun together I'm TELLING YOU. When Rem, Aegorn, and I were playing together, we had a fuckin ball just doing simple shit.

I'd like to set an official START DATE on the weekend, so we can all get together for our own "unofficial launch".

OhhWell Hi, I saw a listing for the Conviction guild on the p99 wiki. I swear I talked with a character named Indycent in (I thi...