My initial impression.....

I preordered the Conqueror is THAT good.

As a renowned Conviction member described today...."I haven't seen you hyped for a game like this in a long time...your hype is getting me hyped". This after noticing I was up at 6 am playing the damn game.

To describe the game fully would take me days. To simplify, think of swg (star wars galaxies) bit on steroids. The game has immense depth and the combat is fluid and refreshing, even for being an action combat game.

I have been dying for another game like swg and it's finally here and if not for Fillur telling me about it, I may have missed the boat.

The big dilemma now is, do we pump the full Conviction machine into this game or find another power guild to play with? Guilds play an immense role end game for sieges and the economy. I guess we will see the interest as release nears.

This game, as great as I see it, will not be for everyone. There is little to no end game pve (Ala swg) the grind is with pvp and the economy. It is a sandbox through and through with an intense crafting and market system.

I'm not going to post everything about the game, please ask questions if you are curious and we will try to answer to the best of our knowledge.

Even better would be to just play it.

I feel this could be the game that Conviction is reborn as a community.

The juices are flowing, who's with me?


Echz I've been watching stuff on BDO for a while now and its definitely interested me, how do i get in?
Pyonchan Dang, its been too long since playing with you guys. Anyway, just got the game and loving it already!
Guiku dont know if you guys remember me but ill get it 2 ^^